BRA - Biofield Reflex Analysis

Biofield Reflex Analysis uses the bodies meridian flow and energy production to test how well the bodies vitality and chemical functions are doing. We are also able to see the emotional connections with this testing to a nutritional problem. With this system, we are able to find trauma points from past injuries or surgeries and we use multiple therapies to work on these problems. At Earth Labs we offer Live Blood Cell Analysis, which shows us the blood in real time, on a flat screen! Yes it is amazing , when showing the patient what is going on inside of their body at that moment. Typicallyvisual stimulation or proof, helps one begin to take their health journey more seriously. We analyze peoples blood who are living with parasites, fungus, candida, low hemoglobin , inflamed blood cells ,and many more other issues. At Earth Labs we first show you what is living in the blood, then we help formulate and establish a treatment plan for each person using supplements, diet changes, monthly blood monitoring and overall lifestyle wellness changes. Come see us and start your health journey today!

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