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If you’re ready to change your life, Earth Labs Nutrition is ready to help you make the transformation. We’re proud to offer highly personalized nutritional counseling to individuals in Bentonville, and we look forward to showing you what we have to offer.

Whether you’re preparing for a sporting event, dealing with a new health issue, or hoping to improve your overall health and wellness, our experts want to learn about your goals and help you reach them.

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Understanding the Benefits of Nutrition Counseling

With all the information available today on what you should be eating, it can be difficult to know where to begin and whether you’re doing the right thing. That’s where nutrition counseling comes in. While there are endless benefits to investing in your health with a professional nutrition counselor, we’ll go over just a few here to get you started.

Better Management of Chronic Illness

Your diet can directly impact many chronic illnesses like high cholesterol and diabetes. Having a seasoned professional help you select foods that counter these conditions can assist you in managing or possibly reversing your symptoms.

Building Healthy Habits

Like many things, eating well is a habit you need to build over time. Unlike undergoing endless crash diets on your own, having the ongoing support of a nutrition counselor can help you make healthy habits that allow you to maintain your goals into the future.

Overall Wellness

A good diet is directly related to your overall physical and mental wellness. Improving your eating habits can have ripple effects on your sleep quality, energy reserves, immune system, mental concentration, and many other aspects of daily life.

Weight Loss or Gain

Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s body has an optimal, healthy weight. Eating an unbalanced or unhealthy diet can cause you to gain excessive weight or be undernourished and underweight. Optimizing your habits will allow you to more easily reach a healthy weight at which you feel your best.

Improved Fitness

Whether you want to increase strength or build stamina, a nutrition counselor can help you build a nutrition plan that directly supports your fitness goals—allowing you to get the results you want!

Chat with Our Nutrition Counselors About Your Goals

Over the years, we’ve learned that no two clients are the same. Everyone has a different reason for reaching out to our team, and we want to know about yours.

When you contact us, we’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. We’ll take the time to understand what elements of diet and food you’re struggling with and where you hope to be in the coming months and years.

If you have specific health concerns or a particular taste preference, we’ll consider those when building you a personalized plan you can follow for many years to come.

Built a Diet that Works for Your Tastes and Lifestyle

Despite popular belief, completely cutting out foods with sugar or high carb concentrations isn’t the key to a healthy diet. We need a certain amount of sugars and carbs in our diet to be healthy, in addition to vitamins, fibers, proteins, and fats. Our team will build you a plan that ensures you get the nutrients you need while still enjoying your favorite foods!

Contact Bentonville’s Nutrition Experts

Earth Labs Nutrition is Bentonville’s best-rated nutritional counseling professional. The depth of our training and experience allows us to better understand the challenges you are facing and customize nutritional programs tailored to your unique needs, goals, and unique medical conditions.

Our empathetic team takes the time to listen, thoroughly analyze, and comprehend the effects certain edible substances have on your body. Our goal is to identify opportunities to make changes that benefit you, taking your overall health into account when we recommend adding or subtracting different foods from your diet.

Learn more about how we can help you attain the wellness you deserve. Contact our team at (417) 223-5207 to get started.

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Your Journey to Health Starts Here

Food is what fuels us. It is a huge part of our everyday lives, and it serves many important purposes. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with food and learning about foods you love is a life-long journey, and Earth Labs Nutrition wants to help you along the way.

Our nutrition counseling services focus on helping individuals learn about the nutrients their bodies need and how to get these nutrients while enjoying everything they eat. Our team is passionate, and we believe that food can change your life for the better.

So, whether you’re looking to pick up new habits or mend a broken relationship with your diet, we encourage you to get in touch with us at (417) 223-5207 today.

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Our Dietary Therapists

Build a Great Relationship with Food

We live in a world that pressures us to look a certain way and feel a certain way about our bodies. The truth is that every body is different, and every body deserves to be nourished daily. Developing a healthy relationship with food and eating is something that millions of people struggle with. These issues can stem from childhood, existing mental health conditions, and a desire for perfection.

While diet culture tells us to cut out things like carbs, sugars, fats, etc., these rules are trends that don’t help us understand what nourishes our unique bodies.

Our experts will take the time to understand where you’re at in your food journey and get to know any dietary restrictions you have. We are happy to accommodate any unique food choices and health restrictions as well.

Find the Power in the Foods You Love with Nutrition Counseling

No food is bad food, but some foods are more nutritionally dense than others. At Earth Labs Nutrition, we believe that you should base your diet around the foods you love to build sustainable eating habits.

Our dietary therapists are passionate about food and nutrition and the effect that great eating can have on your physical and mental well-being. We will introduce you to foods you’ve never tried and help you navigate the challenges of nutrition.

We want to help you get excited about the food you cook and teach you that it feels good to eat nourishing foods!

Customized Diet Counseling to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to nutrition counseling, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is nothing more personal than our diets, and we want to help you with yours. Cutting out the foods you love and replacing them with “clean” foods is not the way forward. Finding ways to balance comfort foods with nutrient-dense foods is.

Our team will take a personalized approach, whether you’re trying to:

  • Lose a few pounds
  • Gain a few pounds
  • Make healthier choices


When you are looking to make changes to your diet, there are many various reasons you could be looking to make a change. The truth is, every client is different and is looking for help with different problems. When you come to us at Earth Labs Nutrition, you’re coming to a nutritionist professional that wants to help you find the perfect solution for your lifestyle and problems.

This starts with a consultation with us. We want to understand your unique situation so we can tailor our approach to you. Come to us to talk about all your limitations, problems you’re facing, diet restrictions, and lifestyle. From here, we can discuss your goals and get you on track toward a healthier life and lifestyle that will work to benefit you.

To work with a nutritionist that will cater a plan to your needs, call us at (417) 223-5207.

Ditch the Fad Diets and Talk to a Nutritionist

The internet is littered with fad diets and tips and tricks for weight loss and weight gain. While some of these diets are designed in good faith, that doesn’t mean they won’t be harmful to your health. It’s also important to recognize that just because a particular diet works for someone else does not mean it’s the right choice for you in meeting your personal goals.

There are so many different factors at play when it comes to how our bodies react to the food we eat. We must consider things like digestion, sensitivity, hormones, and health conditions when navigating food choices – all things that are easier to do with a nutritionist by your side.

With the help of our experts, we’re confident that you will feel empowered to make good food choices that support your health and wellness goals. So, stop scouring the web for answers, and book a meeting with our nutrition experts instead.

At Earth Labs Nutrition We Respect Your Dietary Restrictions

Food is very personal, and many of our clients have unique diet restrictions, from plant-based diets to gluten-free diets or locally sourced foods. We understand and respect the choices made by our clients, especially those made for ethical reasons. However, we will take the time to discuss why you are making these choices and if and how they are helping your body thrive. We will work with you closely to ensure that you get the nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and protein you need by finding food alternatives that meet your dietary restrictions.

If you have questions about your current food choices, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team. We are always happy to chat with you.


One of the services that we can provide as a nutritionist is developing a meal plan for you, rather than simply suggesting foods and ingredients to keep you on track. This takes out all the guesswork on your part, as we tell you the meals you should be eating to achieve your desired results.

Earth Labs Nutrition has experience developing plans for all sorts of health goals, which means we’ll be able to help you with whatever needs you have. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight and muscle, look after digestive health, lower cholesterol, improve your vitamin and mineral intake, and more.

There are many ways that a customized plan can benefit you, but the main way is by removing the opportunity for misunderstandings and improper meals and plans. We want to make sure you can stay on track for building a healthier life, and this is our guide to help you. Our plans will include outlines for your meals and snacks throughout the day for weeks, so you won’t waver. We cater to your dietary needs and restrictions perfectly.

To get an expert to plan your meals, call us at (417) 223-5207.

Find Great Rates on Nutrition Counseling

When you are looking for a nutritionist, you’re looking to make a positive change in your life that won’t be too much of a financial burden. It’s about turning your life around at a rate that you can afford and never about overcharging for expert nutritional services.

Everyone deserves to understand their body and know what foods best fuel them – that’s why Earth Labs Nutrition wants to offer our nutrition counseling services to as many clients as possible. To do so, we are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates on nutrition therapy in the local area.

If you have questions or concerns about our pricing, reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Accessible Nutrition Counseling Service

Medical science has studied the way food plays a part in healing or further aggravating our diagnosed conditions. Understanding how the substances you ingest can affect you individually can play a significant role in alleviating symptoms and allowing your body to heal.

Our objective is to connect you with affordable solutions you can use to achieve your wellness goals. Through education, you can learn to recognize the foods your body needs to heal and which you should stay away from because of sensitivities, allergies, and inflammation.

The following is just a small sample of some of the medical diagnosis’ sound nutritional counseling services can help with:

  • Elevated or low cholesterol
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Obesity
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Celiac disease
  • Thyroid issues
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • And much more

Do you recognize the role food plays in healing or harming your unique physiology? Learn more by getting in touch with our licensed nutritional therapists.

Improve Your Health and Find Foods You Love!

Food is fuel, but food should also be enjoyable. At Earth Labs Nutrition, we want to introduce you to foods that are nourishing and delicious and help you create a meal plan that is conducive to your goals without being restrictive. Our nutritionists love food. We are passionate about it, and we want to share that passion with every client. We will discuss why certain foods are good for you and how they will work with your body and support your unique health.

Our team looks forward to helping you build a healthy, loving relationship with the food you eat and move into the future with more knowledge and confidence overall.

Work with a Certified Nutrition Counselor

If you’re feeling sluggish and low energy, if you’re unhappy with the health of your body, or if you simply want to learn more about the power of food as fuel, Earth Labs Nutrition invites you to get in touch and book a consultation with our nutrition counselor today.

Nutritional counseling should be handled by someone who is a certified expert that can understand the issues you’re facing and develop a plan to help with these. Not all nutritionists are equal, and some won’t even offer proof of a license or certification. But we are proud of our expertise and stand behind our training and experience.

Our experts look forward to working with you closely!

The Role of Nutrition Testing

Testing allows us to identify deficiencies and other problems that can contribute to the level of pain, fatigue, and general unwellness that you feel.

Before we can develop a plan to help you and your body, we need to understand what’s happening inside. To do this, we need to take the time to test your system. This will give us a full picture of the ways we can help you solve your problems.

Broad-spectrum nutrition testing gives us the ability to see exactly what types of vitamins and minerals your body is lacking or which types of food you might be allergic to or sensitive to.

Our testing is non-invasive and careful. We just get the information we need to determine the best path forward for you.

With this information, we’re able to better tailor diet plans to your needs and preferences. 

What Happens During Nutritional Counseling?

We begin each nutritional counseling process with a comprehensive consultation. During this time, we listen carefully to your description of your symptoms, diagnoses, and anything else you’d like to share with us to help us get to know you and your body in greater detail.

The next step is to identify your goals and then align dietary choices with the outcomes you’d like to achieve.

It’s important to note that sometimes barriers to making these changes arise. Our role during this process is to help you identify, problem solve, and overcome these obstacles by setting realistic goals.

Reach Out to a Certified Nutrition Counselor

Earth Labs Nutrition is a certified nutrition counselor in Bentonville who puts you and your best interests first. Our patient-led practice allows you to work with a licensed professional at a pace that is comfortable and achievable for you.

Find out more about how our licensed services contribute to your overall health by calling (417) 223-5207 to book an appointment.

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